Single Mom Awards

It’s not easy being a single parent, juggling a career and raising a family. The position of single parent often results in complete sacrifice. I know it, you know it and people who are close to us, see it.

In recognition of past, present and future single parents; M.O.M.S. is creating the single parent award. An award that represents, to the world, the sacrifices, the dedication, the frustration and most of all, the successes that the recipient has experienced. Who should we name this award after? Who represents the epitome of a successful single parent?

We need your input. Help us find the individual who portrays a role model image for the single parent. An individual worthy of having an award named after them. It will be someone whose child or children became successful, community-contributing individuals, even though they were brought up in a single-family household. It will be someone who experienced the emotional and financial struggles, which so many single parents face today. Our role model parent will have overcame the emotional challenges in their role of single parent and successfully managed a career and family.

Who do you know that you would like to nominate to have this award named after? Who do you know that does or has exude this image?